Ayr Rotary Club Retains Lady Isle Trophy



Ayr, Prestwick and Alloway Rotary clubs once again competed for the biennial Lady Isle Trophy. The three events this time were Indoor Bowling, Snooker and Ten-Pin Bowling all held on different evenings.

The indoor bowling at Prestwick Bowling Club resulted in a comfortable victory for Prestwick (home advantage?) over Ayr with a no-show by Alloway. Players were Alex Thomson, Charles Gray, Wallace Allan and Charles Douglas.

Ieuan Issac, Bill Talbot, Charles Gray and John Dunlop teamed up for the snooker which was held at the Davis Club in Ayr. The result was 1st place Ayr, 2nd place Prestwick, 3rd place Alloway; the misspent youths of the Ayr team clearly demonstrated.

Despite some timing uncertainties the Ten-Pin Bowling eventually took place at the LA Bowl in Ayr where the Ayr team members were Jim Nelson, Ron Ireland, Hazel McCully and Craig Wilson. After some (legal) mathematical manipulation the final placings were 1st place Ayr, 2nd place Prestwick, 3rd place Alloway.

Thus Ayr were declared overall winners and retain the Lady Isle Trophy.

Following the Friday ten-pin, a faithful few stalwarts, including the ever-supportive John Laughland, enjoyed some great late-evening Indian food at Mr Basrai’s World Cuisines where we and our Prestwick friends were well looked after by the proprietor and his staff.

Many thanks for the support of a few of our members but there is undoubtedly scope for improving this worthwhile competition. It is a great opportunity to meet up with other local club members in a social environment. A review of the format will be carried out before it is run again and, with better support, it could be a real success.

Hazel McCully was formally presented with the trophy by president elect, Ian Alexander, at the club meeting last night.