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Food Bank Donations Thank-You – 15 January 2019

The club was honoured to receive a certificate of appreciation from the Salvation Army for the food donations made by the members through the monthly collections organised by Muir Austin. The certificate was sent under cover of this letter from Major Linda Watson to Muir. “Dear Members, You have left me and the ... More

BBC Radio Scotland Out-of-Doors

  The ACP feature on the BBC Scotland, Out-of-Doors programme was broadcast early morning on Saturday 19 January. Catch up on Radio iPlayer or BBC Sounds and listen to the interviews with the pathminders and a super selling of the delights of the path. Well done all.  (PS: feature starts 1h:01m:39s into ... More

Marie Oliver of VASA – 15 January 2019

Voluntary Action South Ayrshire (VASA) is the local Third Sector Interface enabling access to a range of third sector services. Marie Oliver its CEO visited Ayr Rotary Club to explain more about the organisation and its functions. VASA is recognised by Scottish Government and South Ayrshire Council as fulfilling a key ... More

Ayrshire Coastal Path gets more Publicity

The Ayrshire Coastal Path, created and managed by Ayr Rotary Club, was targeted by BBC Radio Scotland’s “Out-of-Doors” programme makers for a feature to be broadcast this Saturday morning (19th January) at 06.30 am. For those of you who don't know 06.30 am then catch up on Radio iPlayer. Mark Stephen, the ... More

Origins of Expressions – Bill Rogers – 8 January 2019

How often do you hear or use an expression, or idiom, and think “I wonder where that came from”? In our daily conversations we say things like “back to square one then” or “in a nutshell” or “that cost an arm and a leg” with no idea what they once met. Well the club got the new year of to a flying start ... More

Willie Stewart’s Xmas Quiz – 18 December 2018

 It’s that time of year again but it couldn’t be avoided! Willie Stewart’s traditional Christmas quiz was as fiendishly difficult as ever and it was evident in his introduction that he took a malevolent delight in inflicting this annual mental torture once again on his class of dunderheads. Who, other than Gus ... More

Christmas Partners’ Evening – 11 December 2018

Well, what a night of fun. friendship, awards and entertainment we had without our president in attendance. Secretary, and ADG, Craig, substituted as host and a glass of Prosecco greeted everyone to get the evening underway. Mary and the staff of the Savoy Park Hotel provided a most enjoyable three-course meal followed by ... More


The environmental merits of Ayr Rotary Club’s Ayrshire Coastal Path have been recognised by the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere. Biosphere Reserves, usually referred to as Biospheres, are places with world-class environments that are designated to promote and demonstrate a balanced relationship between ... More

Ayr Rotary display at VASA Event – 7 December 2018

Last Friday, half a dozen or so members turned out  to help with a display of Rotary projects at the Voluntary Action South Ayrshire (VASA) Strictly Seniors event at Ayr Town Hall. This annual event was a mix of entertainment and information relevant to senior citizens, with plenty light refreshments throughout the day ... More

Treasure Chest Support for Ayr Academy – 30 November 2018

Gus Iannotti and Ron Ireland went along to the wonderful new Ayr Academy to make a Treasure Chest presentation of £200 to help support an educational trip to London in February. They were met by geography teacher Stephen Gilmour and four of the fifty pupils who will be going on the trip: Callum Smith, Fergal Holohan, ... More