aquabox_logoAquabox is a charity that supplies emergency aid through water purification. They have been in existence since 1992 and is run solely by volunteer staff, mainly Rotarians and is based in Derby in England. The Rotary Club of Ayr recognised the huge benefit purified water can bring to disaster-hit areas around the world, and adopted Aquabox as a Major Project in summer 2016.

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Aquabox supply two types of boxes for distribution to disaster areas. There is the Aquabox Gold Box that contains 2 water purification filters and many other items of aid such as cooking aids, tools, toiletries, some baby clothes. The Community Box only contains a large water purification Filter.

  • The Purification water filters in the Gold Box Will decontaminate: 18,000 litres of contaminated water  and costs £150.00
  • The Community Filter will decontaminate:  500,000 litres of contaminated water and costs £250.00

Both these Filters will remove water borne contaminates such as Polio (already a Major Project for Rotary), Typhoid, Cholera, Dengue Fever, Dysentery, Hepatitis E, Gastroenteritis, Cryptosporidium.

Gold Box


Community Box



To make a donation to Aquabox via Rotary Club of Ayr, please use the Paypal link below

Ayr Rotary Club are looking for ways to develop fund raising ideas. We always want to involve the local community such as churches, schools, local organisations and clubs.

Recent Presentations to local Rotary Clubs

  • Erskine Rotary Club
  • Loudoun Rotary Club
  • Paisley Gallants Rotary Club
  • Strathaven Rotary Club
  • Kirkinillocock Rotary Club
  • Prestwick Rotary Club
  • Troon Rotary Club
  • Renfrew Rotary Club TBC
  • District Conference 2018 (Stirling)
  • District Conference 2019 (Golden Jubilee Glasgow)

Rob Keating from Ayr Rotary Club, assisted Highland Conference in Aberdeen, in October 2019 to show case Aquabox.

Erskine Rotary Club

Our Rotary Wheel for the Street Presentation in Ayr High Street

Ayr town centre

Stewart Keating (Rob's son) has run many marathons in aid of Aquabox. Here he is in the 2019 Amsterdam Marathon

Watch the excellent video below and find out more at

For information about local fund-raising contact our Aquabox Convenor, John Dunlop 07779 474226 email