aquabox_logoAquabox is a charity that supplies emergency aid through water purification. They have been in existence since 1992 and is run solely by volunteer staff, mainly Rotarians and is based in Derby in England. The Rotary Club of Ayr recognised the huge benefit purified water can bring to disaster-hit areas around the world, and adopted Aquabox as a Major Project in summer 2016.

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Aquabox receives the Queen’s Award!

The Queen’s Award recognises the contribution that so many of you make by fundraising and donating your time and money to ensure our humanitarian aid boxes and water filters reach those in distress around the World. Without your recent efforts we would not have been able to supply 4500 boxes to refugees from the Syrian conflict or fly out nearly 2000 boxes to help the earthquake victims of Nepal. And, of course, the Award recognises the hard work and dedication of all those involved with distributing over 100,000 boxes since the charity was first established in 1992.


communitybox1They are two types of aid boxes and a stand-alone pump:

  • Aquabox Gold, that not only has water purification equipment but many other items needed by a family that has lost everything through natural disaster or conflict. The water purification unit can produce up to 19000 litres of potable water. The cost is £150
  • Community box that is solely water purification using an advanced system and will give 500,000  litres of purified water . The cost is £250
  • The water purification pump in the Aquabox gold Box can be purchased separately at a cost of £25

Ayr Rotary are developing fund-raising ideas to involve the local community including schools and church organisations. The proceeds from our Christmas Card sales will also go to Aquabox. Watch the excellent video below and find out more at

For information about local fund-raising contact our Aquabox Convenor, Rob Keating on 07821 775805