£200 Treasure Chest

Ayr Academy excusrion

Helping pupils on a trip to London and Liverpool


Unity Grill

A helping hand for this social enterprise company

Young Vics in the Community

Young Vics use £200 to buy football equipment


Street Pastors

street-pastorsThe pastors received money to help with expenses when patrolling Ayr streets

Alister Firth

102_2060Alister Firth completed a sky dive for the charity,

Ayrshire Sportsability

“Thegither” Project

They received £200 to help establish an after-school club to educate and entertain children.

Could you qualify?

We have £200 every month to give away to local charities or individuals. We seek to help genuine applicants who would really benefit from this money.

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The rules are simple. Anyone can apply, but the preferred target beneficiaries are clubs and organisations working with children, teenagers, the elderly, vulnerable people and the disabled. Applications may also be made by individuals.