£200 Treasure Chest

Ayrshire Scouts








Ayrshire Scouts Kincaidston received money to buy archery eqipment

Jonathon Hillbourne

cyclistJonathon Hillbourne, a 14 year old cyclist received funds to help develop his cycling skills



Street Pastors








The pastors received money to help with expenses when patrolling Ayr streets

Cara Wilson



Cara Wilson receives a cheque on behalf of Ayr Academy

Alister Firth








Alister Firth completed a sky dive for the charity, Ayrshire Sportsability

McMillan Cancer

dennis-clifford1Dennis Clifford received £200 for McMillan Cancer

Could you qualify?

We have £200 every month to give away to local charities or individuals. We seek to help genuine applicants who would really benefit from this money.

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The rules are simple. Anyone can apply, but the preferred target beneficiaries are clubs and organisations working with children, teenagers, the elderly, vulnerable people and the disabled. Applications may also be made by individuals.